System solutions

ALBRECHT CONSULTING provides systems and solutions for a wide variety of process and related industries. We have worked in every capacity on Manufacturing Execution System (MES) projects. Our company specializes in the refining and petrochemical areas, batch processes, and the power, emissions and utilities related to them.


We understand the needs of the process industry. Our long experience in systems solutions, our high quality standards, and our understanding of process industry needs enables us to achieve profitable projects for our customers.


ACo specializes in system solutions centered around Aspen Tech’s InfoPlus.21 Real Time Database (RDTB). We have over 15 years of system solutions experience for Setcon, InfoPlus, InfoPlus-X, and IP.21. We also integrate systems from a wide variety of venders and applications to Real-Time Database (RTDB) based systems.


Our solution experience covers the entire refinery from crude to finished products, as well as the power plants needed to run these units, the steam generation, waste water treatment, related petrochemical plants and the interfaces to and from external systems.


Furthermore, our solution experience encompasses bulk terminals: oil, palm oil, and chemical. We understand this “contract to cash” service business from initial contract through processing to final invoicing (and occassionally dispute resolution).


ACo solution experience includes plastics. We appreciate the batch process particulars from initial order through execution to final product specficiation and delivery, while always trying to achieve that “Golden Batch”.


In all of these industries, we understand and appreciate the similarities and differences between the different business types, particularly the differences and overlaps between pure batch processes, continuous processes, and hybrids.


ACo solution experience covers the supply chain and the planning and scheduling necessary for each of these industries, from monthly LP runs to hold and restart actions in the DCS. We understand who should be involved in what roles, how actions at different times and by different users affect the rest of system, and what needs to be done in each situation.


We understands the connections and interdependencies with upstream, downstream, and parallel systems. Whether it is an ERP, LIMS, Data Reconciliation, Yield Accounting, or a separate Production Accounting system, ACo provides systems and solutions for a wide variety of process and related industries. We have worked in every capacity on Manufacturing Execution System (MES) projects.


Systems Integration

AspenTech System Solutions:

  • IP.21 Upgrades (3.x -> Aspen2007.1)
  • IP to IP.21 (including control)
  • IP-X to IP.21 (including control)
  • CIM-IO upgrades
  • GCS to Web.21
  • Custom Web.21 solutions
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Applications Migrations
  • Complete System Migrations
  • Custom Interface Migrations
  • Complete System Installations


The following is a partial list of the Manufacturing Execution System Services that ACo has provided over the years:

  • System Administration (Database Servers, Application Servers, )
  • Systems Migration
  • Systems Integration
  • Project Management
  • Project Consulting
  • Relational database design, implementation and support
  • Real Time database design, implementation and support


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