EXIN Interface

EXIN supports Aco’s clients in their daily routines. The Interface enables client software to gather data from a local database, e.g. values of Tags are embedded into their software automatically and conveniently. The web-service version is currently limited to AspenTech’s InfoPlus.21. The standard in-box / out-box version can connect to any third party system. The web service is using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) to communicate between External Software (Website, SAP etc.)
and EXIN.
The figure below illustrates the functional elements of the EXIN interface in relation to external systems.

Special features of Aco’s EXIN Interface:

  • A database (ACOEXINDB), which serves as a record of all sent requests and delivered information. It is based on Microsoft SQL Server.
  • The ACo AlarmNotifier, which keeps an eye on the limits of a special tag and alerts the user if limits are reached or even exceeded.

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