Blend Selector


  • BLEND SELECTOR is a stand alone Windows desktop productivity tool. It allows the user (scheduler, operator, engineer) to easily hold and compare any number of off-line blend optimizer results (and the corresponding blend order) with a few simple mouse clicks:
  • BLEND SELECTOR is a complementary product to:
    • AspenTech’s AspenBlend application;
    • AspenTech’s ProBlend application;
    • Invensys BOSS; or
    • Any table based optimization system

Key features and functions of BLEND SELECTOR :Blend Selector Screen Shot

  • A single mouse click uploads the off-line optimizer results
  • Results are viewable in several user customizable formats for easy comparison
  • A scalable window allows the user to optimize the desktop area used
  • Results can be held on the individual’s desktop as long as desired.
  • A single mouse click downloads and updates the selected blend
  • On line, context sensitive help, in German or English
  • No user customized Excel spreadsheets or paper and pencil required
  • No special training required (although its available on request)
  • No special equipment or expensive hardware

The user can play what if scenarios which previously would have taken piles of paper or hours of Excel table manipulation. This allows the user to concentrate on the blend optimization, and not on the blend optimization tool. The results:

  • Faster optimizations
  • Superior blend recipes
  • Improved profitability

Future developments for BLEND SELECTOR :

  • Further compatibility with AspenTech’s AspenBlend application
  • Further compatibility with Honeywell’s BLEND application
  • Further compatibility with Invensys’ BOSS application

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