ACoOMS is an off-sites package developed from ACo’s decades of off-sites and blending experience.
ACoOMS is made up of the following components:

  • ACoOMS-Order Management (OM)
  • ACoOMS-Order Preparation (OP)
  • ACoOMS-Order Execution (OE)
  • ACoOMS-Lab Quality Integration (LQ)
  • ACoOMS-Asset Monitoring (AM)
  • ACoOMS-Tank Management (TM)
  • ACoOMS-Production Accounting (PA)

Complementary to ACoOMS is ACoBlend. ACoBlend is a blending control and optimization solution for all types of products: Gasoline, Diesel, Fuel Oils and Crudes. ACoBlend uses the same ACoOMS Refinery Data Model and functionality for the component and finished product tanks and movements.
The ACoBlend Application Overview is available on request.

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