Cetane Improver Controller

CETANE IMPROVER CONTROLLER v2.0 from ALBRECHT CONSULTING is on-line for over five years at a major European refinery.


Our CETANE IMPROVER CONTROLLER is a dynamic response modeling controller with both accuracy and simplicity, plus some nice extra features.


Key features of our CETANE IMPROVER CONTROLLER are:

  • “Smart Operator Modeling” – There are no rigorous mathematical models of for Cetane improver response. The best a refiner can do is to have good operators and planners to keep this expensive booster from being wasted.
  • Albrecht Consulting’s CETANE IMPROVER CONTROLLER works like a “smart operator” to not only control the improver level to maintain a Cetane number setpoint, but also to recognize when the improver is not having enough effect, therefore saving thousands of liters of potentially wasted improver
  • Dynamic gain calculation. Our CETANE IMPROVER CONTROLLER monitors the blend to calculate a dynamic gain, whether from a cold start or a warm initialization. The result is tighter control during the entire blend.


Benefits: CETANE IMPROVER CONTROLLER generated benefits over manual control are:

€ 350k – € 450k per year


These values are based upon comparisons between manual control and control using the Albrecht Consulting CETANE IMPROVER CONTROLLER. These benefits are in addition to the roughly € 350k – € 700k initial savings by adding manual Cetane improver controls to a middle distillate blender.


Benefit estimates are based upon actual tonnage, analyzer availability, controller usage, improver dosing rates, improver meter flow rates, and current and average improver costs.


The CETANE IMPROVER CONTROLLER is a based on a dynamic modeling principal, and therefore suitable for other additive blend control, such as lubricity.
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