ACoBlend is a Blending Control and Optimization solution.

ACoBlend has:

  • An Offline Optimizer for use prior to blend execution
  • An Online Optimizer for optimizing the full blend
  • Online APC for short-term control with targets and/or limits from the Online Optimizer
  • Supporting calculations and displays for all configured qualities and components

ACoBlend supports control and optimization of up to 25 qualities and unlimited components and additives simultaneously using dynamic matrix control (ACoBlend-QC) and non-linear optimization (ACoBlend-OPT).

ACoBlend is applicable for:

  • Gasoline Finished Products;
  • Diesel Finished Products;
  • Fuel Oil Finished Products; and
  •  Crudes

ACoBlend is a modular solution providing maximum flexibility. ACoBlend can be configured and tuned for:

  • Component or Rundown blending (including “wild” flows from units);
  • All analyzer types: FTNIR, NIR, Raman, and/or classic;
  • Any length and/or varied length component line lengths;
  • Client-specific quality constraints and preferences.

ACoBlend has Non-Linear Models for non-linear qualities (e.g. viscosity)

ACoBlend blend models are shared between all ACoBlend modules

ACo has in-house models for every specified quality for all finished product specifications

ACoBlend can easily be configured to use customer-provided models instead of ACo models

ACoBlend Payback Period – Typically 3 Months or Less

  • Depending on current quality giveaways and recipe deviation.


ACoBlend consists of three main modules that deliver benefits in three distinct time frames:

  1. ACoBlend – QC: Short cycle advanced process control (APC) functions:
  • Matrix control of all CVs (qualities) vs all MVs (components)
  • Model-based non-linear quality control, including additive control
  • Tuned for actual plant finished products and business environment
  • Qualities and Components ranked based on multiple factors
  • Adjustable online during the blend by operations
  • Non-linear dynamic gain calculations
  • Quality (CV) and Component (MV) limit calculations and checks
  • The web-based user interface requires only a web browser
  1. ACoBlend – OMS: Medium cycle OMS functions:
  • Finished product tank quality calculations, tracking, and reporting
    • Actual header values integrated for use in QC and OPT
  • Component tank quality calculations and tracking
    • Best possible values integrated for use in QC and OPT
  • Blend Order Preparation
  • Blend quality management (usually from a LIMS)

III. ACoBlend – OPT: Longer cycle blend optimization:

  • Offline non-linear blend optimization:
    • Run prior to actual blend to align blend recipe with current plant
  • Online non-linear blend optimization:
    • Optimizes for entire blend run
    • Creates short-term targets and limits for ACoBlend-QC

All ACoBlend visual modules use an integrated web-based user interface that requires only a web browser and access to the client network. User/field-level security is included.


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