The operational logging (OperLog) solution is a replacement to the current procedures operators often used to enter plant data into the InfoPlus.21 database and to create entry reports. OperLog is an “AspenTech/ACo solution” with no third party software required.

Previously operators needed to write the values on a paper form and additionally to enter them manually into multiple InfoPlus.21 browser screens (Web.21) or into Excel sheets. The manual input InfoPlus.21 screens were based on graphics created with the “InfoPlus.21 Process Browser Graphics Editor”, and had numerous limitations which made the graphics less than optimal for efficient data logging. Excel’s limitations are known and extensive (security, non-transparency, etc.)

The main technical goal of the OperLog solution is to provide users with a comfortable and secure method of manually inputting plant data measurements for equipment without a connection to InfoPlus.21, while respecting data point input limits. A secondary technical goal is to provide a daily report summary for entered values, with a print option.

The OperLog solution delivers the following key technical benefits:

  • Provide operators with a comfortable and secure method of manually inputting plant data measurements for equipment without a connection to InfoPlus.21.
  • Provide the possibility to display a daily summary of input data in an overview format with a print option; and
  • To circumvent the above noted limitations, particularly that entered values are checked against limits and invalid inputs are discarded.
  • Entered values are stored with appropriate timestamp according to interval.
  • Operators are relived of the requirement to re-enter unchanged values.
  • The OperLog solution carries forward all unchanged values with a single click from the user

The OperLog solution delivers an extremely attractive return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO). Some of OperLog’s features:

  • All standard products from one supplier
  • Minimal changes to standards to reduce upgrade efforts
  • Maximal intrinsic functionality of AspenTech products to leverage benefits
  • No component installation at clients necessary.
  • No additional third party software required.

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